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about MY paintings

The ideas for my paintings originate from the natural world. I love landscapes of all kinds including mountains, prairies, sea coasts as well as trees, rivers and skies. However, instead of painting what my eyes see, I use both my intuition and imagination to express what I feel about the subject. The painting and I have an ongoing conversation about what we want to say so the process is both intuitive and rational.

Stated another way, I start the creative journey of a painting with a noun (the subject) as a reality but then I deliberately remove visual facts and add my personal ideas and feelings about the subject. Through this process my paintings become more like the adjectives and adverbs of what I think and feel about the subject. Sometimes I use personal symbols or marks.

I use acrylic paint, charcoal, watercolor crayon, watercolor pastel and any other water media that suit my intentions for the painting. I paint on papers of various kinds, canvas, and wood panels. I use the design elements of color and organic shapes to create a composition.

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Welcome to Mary Keefer’s web site. I hope you enjoy the paintings.